Social Responsibility

Mother Earth & local economy

We believe success comes from giving back to our community. We do so by supporting local farms, initiatives for children in need, and biological programs.

Our processing plants are designed to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

We produce no landfill waste or water pollution, and the banana peelings go back to the plantations to be used as natural fertilizer and animal feed. Even the small bits of chips go back to the farms to be used as cattle feed.

Our Pachamama

Our Pachamama (”Mother Earth” in our indigenous language) would have it no other way: only the purest ingredients with no environmental impact.

100% for you and environment

We use only non-hydrogenated 100% vegetable palmolein to crisp our snacks. This is the less saturated (more liquid) fraction of the oil that is extracted from the flesh of a palm fruit solely by cooking and pressing. No chemicals are used in the processes of extraction and separation. It is different from palm kernel oil and coconut oil; palmolein has lower levels of saturated components. Palms grow within the same region where the rest of our ingredients: the lowland tropics of Ecuador.

Protect the rainforest

Last, but not least, the oil that we use comes from plantations outside the protected rainforest. Palms throw a protective green canopy over the environment; many varieties of plants and wildlife develop under it.
Thus, they are more effective than soybean plantations in cleaning up the atmosphere when it comes to absorption of CO2.

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