Care Enough


Direct support for health & educational programs

Our Care Enough program directly supports health and educational programs in rural Ecuadorian communities. We choose projects that we consider important for people, especially children in need.

Our personal involvement in every project means that we know those receiving the assistance. Any time you enjoy a bag of Samai, Andean Gourmet or Shegraa, you too are supporting programs that help Ecuadorian children in need.

Happy Valley Orphanage

One of our biggest initiatives in the program is supporting the Valle Feliz (Happy Valley) orphanage in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. Valle Feliz was established by Mother Claudia, a German nun, who after arriving in Ecuador, in 1989, and seeing how the children she looked after did not have food or shelter decided to act.


Valle Feliz consists of several small houses, each with 18 to 20 children from just 1 year old up to the age of 15, a school “Semillitas de Dios” (God’s Seedlings), homes for at risk youth, an au-pair program for girls over the age of 18 to earn money in Europe towards a better life, and a small medical clinic for the surrounding community.

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